Guest blogger, WCC Trustee Fred Weller, reports from Skeptics in the Pub’s Laughingstock

Worthing Community Chest seeks to provide grant support to a wide range of groups, clubs and not-for-profit organisations throughout Worthing. One recently successful grant applicant was ‘Skeptics in the Pub’, a small group of people who meet in various locations in central Worthing to be entertained by speakers covering a variety of subjects with the emphasis on ‘skeptics’, both serious and humerous. Every event is open to the public. Amongst the regular audience are many who see these gathering as their chance to get out and socialise where other social activities may be more limited in their appeal or opportunity.

On 3 August ‘Skeptics’ ran their first of what may well be an annual ‘Laughingstock’ at St. Paul’s, with a variety of entertainers putting to music their views of life, love and mystery. At the interval I was pleased to present the Worthing Community Chest grant cheque for £810 to John Richards, organiser of Skeptics in the Pub.

Also there was Inga Lielgalve, our Grants Administrator, and Bob Smytherman in his role as Worthing Town Crier who in his own way gave loud and humorous support to the occasion.