Sunday lunchtime of the August Bank Holiday weekend saw Councillor Tom Wye, the Borough Council’s representative on the Board of Trustees, and Fred Weller at The Steyne amongst a large crowd of people enjoying the festival that is the annual Rotary Carnival. We were there to present a cheque for £1,500 to the organisers of the Carnival who had successfully applied to the Charity for a grant.

This was to go towards the cost of hiring the big circus tent and some of the supporting costs needed for circus scene. The tent was absolutely packed with children of all ages who were clearly enjoying the chance to try out a range of different circus skills, juggling, hoola-hoops, balancing, all sorts of things.

It was great to see how this grant from Worthing Community Chest helped to give so much enjoyment to so many families, an opportunity that may not have been there without the Charity’s support.

Out latest round of funding is now open. We welcome new groups applying, you can apply here.