At the end of 2016 Wilfred Rhodes stepped down from the Worthing Community Chest Appraisal Panel. He has been part of the Panel since 2012 and has helped Worthing Community Chest to fund hundreds of groups in the local area. Wilfred has kindly written a few words about his involvement with the charity.

“I am an Elder and Member of Goring United Reformed Church and in 2011 we planned to put on a special event for the local families living nearby. It would be held in the October school half term week and was aimed mainly at younger children.

We would organise an “ice” skating rink actually in our church. With the chairs and carpet moved out of the way we had an area easily large enough for the skating company to set up its equipment. The “ice” actually consisted of one-metre square sheets of very hard nylon fitted together.

Costs were fairly high – £3,500 for 4 days use of the equipment. Though we would charge for entry, this would be a small amount and would nowhere near cover that cost. So I discovered Worthing Community Chest and with the help of the then Administrator, Jenni Pilgram, made an application for a grant on behalf of Goring U.R.C.

Our skating event was wonderful! Over four days some 1000 people came through our church doors to skate or watch. And to partake in the most incredibly good carrot cake you’ve ever tasted!

As part of the criteria for obtaining a grant a member of our organisation would volunteer to come onto the Appraisal Panel for the year following to review grant applications. So I was very privileged to be accepted onto the Panel.

So I was pleased to take my place on the Appraisal Panel. Then I began to appreciate that Worthing has many, many very worthwhile organisations working hard for their members and the local people of our town.

Sports and gym clubs, uniformed organisations like scouts, boys clubs, groups organising huge free parties in parks in the summer – all and many more have been helped by the Community Chest. After my year on the Panel I asked if I might remain on it, so impressed was I by the good that we were able to do in enabling these organisations to achieve more than their own funds would allow.

At the four Appraisal meetings held each year we carefully scrutinise each grant application. All details and discussions are held in strict confidence and the Panel is able to achieve an incredible amount of good. It has been a privilege for me to play a small part in that work.


Ice Skating in the Church

If, like Goring U.R.C. you are planning to put on an event in Worthing I definitely recommend speaking to Worthing Community Chest. Their grants are incredibly helpful and the Grants Administrator will help with your application”