Worthing Community Chest – the local charity that gives grants of up to £1500 to local groups and events – wants to recycle your old clothes and shoes. It’s so simple – putting your old pants, socks and slippers into one of our big green bins means that we can reduce landfill and improve our community at the same time.

We’ll take clothes, sheets, tea towels and even odd shoes – pretty much anything other than duvets, cushions and pillows can be donated and turned into cash for the community of Worthing. Virtually all the funds we give out to local groups and events like the Children’s Parade, Worthing Rugby Club and the Food Pioneers Beehive Project now come from this recycling, so we need lots and lots of old trousers. The condition of it doesn’t matter. Of course we’d like your twice-worn Versace, but the clothes can be faded, the sheets can be ripped and the tea towels can be a health hazard you’re glad to be rid of! Put them in small bags and then put the small bags in our big bin.

This is such a good thing to do. The latest reports estimate that 300,000 tonnes of clothing are binned in the UK each year. It clogs up the machines that sort the waste and ends up as part of the landfill mess that takes years to decompose.

We’ve got 14 bins at convenient locations around the town, so just find the one nearest to you from the list below and start sorting through those wardrobes and drawers. Look in the loft! Get out in the garage! And tell your friends and neighbours to stop throwing their old clothes away too. The more we recycle, the less we’ll have to bury in horrible, smelly landfill sites. And the more you recycle, the more great things we can fund in Worthing.

Find the bin with our name or logo on that’s nearest to you.

Textile Bin Locations

Marine Crescent car park
B&Q Car Park, Lyons Farm Road
Brooklands Cafe & Park,
Findon Valley Library
The Mulberry Car Park, Goring
Pond Lane Recreation Ground
Tesco Durrington
Thomas a Becket Public Car Park,
Assembly Hall Car Park
Waitrose Car Park
Worthing Leisure Centre
West Worthing Station
Broadwater Shopping Parade
Cricketer’s Parade