Superstar Arts are a learning disabled choir based at West Worthing Baptist Church. Worthing Community Chest awarded them with a grant to professionally record the choir singing and create a CD.

In early March the team, along with local councillors Tom Wye and Bob Smytherman went to meet Superstar Arts and to present them with a cheque. The Superstar Arts choir also put on a performance.

Fred Weller and Ann Stimpson were the lucky WCC trustees who came along on the night. Ann kindly wrote some words about our visit.

“As a relatively new Trustee of Worthing Community Chest, I was delighted to be given the opportunity to attend a cheque presentation of £1040 to Superstar Arts. This group consists of adults with learning difficulties, who display immense enthusiasm and commitment to the choir.  The group is going from strength to strength, culminating in the production of a recording of several of their songs.  The CD will be available for purchase as part of an ongoing fund raising programme”.

“The small local group is only 4 years old and works on a non profit basis.  It boasts over 100 members, and many of them attend Superstar Arts regular weekly activities, which includes dance, art, craft making as well as the choir. I was very impressed by the expertise and enjoyment of all those I met”

Tom Wye commented “I felt so humble listening to the learning disabled choir, and so very proud of the work done by Superstar Arts. They have done a fantastic job in bringing this disadvantaged group together, coaching them to sing together as a choir. The joy expressed on their faces said it all, and I suspect that for many of them, it was a high spot of their week.   Well done Superstar Arts, Worthing is so proud of you, keep up this magnificent work.  Also, well done to the Worthing Community Chest for supporting such a richly deserved organisation”

“Superstar Arts is an amazing Community Interest Company enabling the community to come together. I hope lots of people will join the celebration evening on 12th April at St Pauls and buy the recording too.” Said Town Crier Bob Smytherman

“Worthing Community Chest provide vital small grants of up to £1500 to help groups like Superstar Arts who enrich and support our local community.  I would therefore encourage similar groups to get in touch as next time it could be you!”Superstar @ St Pauls

“We were so excited to receive the grant from the Community Chest to enable us to record our album” said Superstar Art’s, Jo Sullivan. “Our learning disabled choir worked so hard and are so committed, and they have just kept improving. It is so important for them to have the CD, to share with family and friends, some of whom may not be able to see them perform live.  The album gives them a real sense of achievement and pride.   We are enormously grateful to the Community Chest, and our hope is for us to record an album every year”