In July The Rowland Singers invited Worthing Community Chest to one of their performances. Trustees, Fred Weller and Malcolm Brett went along to watch the show and present them with their grant cheque. Below is Fred’s impression of the evening.

Saturday evening, 22nd July, fellow Trustee Malcolm and I were at the Emmanuel United Reform Church to publicise the grant of £1,150.00 to the Society.   This was towards the cost of additional demountable staging for the choir which was there and in use on the evening.

And what an evening’s entertainment it was!   With a varied programme of music ranging from The Beach Boys, through Gilbert and Sullivan, Barry Manilow and West Side Story and others together with Abby Fell and Emma Stevens singing solos and duets the choir was in tremendous voice.   The audience loved it and I expect would have gone home feeling so much better for the experience.

And that says something about the work of Worthing Community Chest and what it is all about.  The Charity exists for the benefit of the people and communities of Worthing.   If the impact it has in some small measure helps people to benefit from being in Worthing, whether as on this evening as choristers and volunteers who work so hard to make such an evening a success or those who went along to enjoy the event, then that is one of hundreds of examples of the way in which Worthing Community Chest has affected the lives of so many people over the past 13 or more years.

If you think your club, group, society, not-for-profit organisation can benefit from help from Worthing Community Chest then have a look at the website.   It will tell you much more about the charity, its aims and the criteria that govern the award of grants up to a maximum of £1,500.00.