The Rowland Singers

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The Rowland Singers

The Rowland Singers Choral Society were delighted to be presented with a cheque for £1500 at their Christmas Celebration concerts in December 2014.

The Singers have been performing for over 45 years. Due to their success and growth in numbers, additional staging for performances had become a necessity.

The choir is non profit, funds raised from the concerts are donated to local charities. To help fund the staging they applied for a Worthing Community Chest grant. They were successful and Worthing Community Chest trustees, Fred Weller and Malcolm Brett presented their cheque at the concert, where the choir used its staging for the first time.

The extra staging has enabled them to comfortably accommodate their increased numbers on stage.

If you would like to join the choir, or would like to see them in action at one of our concerts, or for any other information please visit


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