About Our Grants

The Worthing Community Chest grant making programme supports projects and activities that enable social and economic well being in Worthing. We try to make the grant application process simple and accessible for all local voluntary and community groups, regardless of size and professional fund-raising expertise.


Criteria for Applications

We exist primarily to fund constituted community groups and small registered charities. We may, in exceptional circumstances, consider applications from Community Interest Companies or similar organisations, but only after all other applications have been considered. The final decision to award a grant is made by an Appraisal Panel made up of representatives from recently successful applicants. We only fund groups operating and supporting communities in Worthing, please check our map below to ensure you are within our boundaries. To see our full criteria please click here.

important dates

Funding Rounds

We review applications for Seed Grants and Grass Root Grants on a rolling basis. Our Appraisal Panels meet a limited number of times a year to review Grant for Growth applications, please find the timings for these below.

  • June Funding Round- deadline May 31st
  • October Funding Round- deadline September 30th

Successful Application?

What Happens Next

If your application is successful, a condition of your grant is that you will take part in the appraisal of future Worthing Community Chest applications. We see this as your chance to put something extra back into the community, to learn what grant funding appraisal involves, and to be involved in the decision making on funding for your community. You will have training prior to sitting your term as an appraiser. 

If you are successful you will have to complete the Grant Monitoring Form twelve months after being awarded funds. We would also like you to write a short blog for the website and use social media to promote Worthing Community Chest. You will also have member voting rights at our AGM for two years after your application is successful. Once your project has been funded, you must wait 2 years before applying for another grant with us, this enables us to support other groups and projects in the area.

 step by step

First Time Application

Our aim is to make the application process as easy as possible for our groups, but some questions we ask will require detailed answers. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your project or proposal before you submit your application, especially if it is your first time applying for a grant. 

Take a look at an example application form here. You can also download a blank application form here. It is a good idea to keep your own copy of your application form and any notes you have made. Although we provide a ‘save & return’ option on our online form, the link is only valid for 30 days, after which you will be unable to use it. Once your form is submitted, you will automatically receive a copy of your final application. 

To start your application, you will need the following documentation: 

  • A constitution or articles of association
  • A set of accounts or project budget
  • Quotes for the items you are asking for us to fund

The Grant Application Process:

Step by Step Guide


1.) Check the Details

When our funding founds and their deadlines are and which would be best suited to your project. You will also need to decide which of our funding programmes is best for you, you can find our different options above.

2.) Documentation

We promise this isn’t as scary as it may sound, our Grants Administrator Vicky is always happy to help you. To apply for one of our grants you will need to have a group constitution, a bank account, a project budget and quotes for the items you require funding for.

3.) Grants Committee

Once you have submitted your application, it will be reviewed by our Grants Committee which is a group of trustees and our Grants Administrator.

4.) Appraisal Panel

Our Appraisal Panel is made up of representatives from previously funded groups. The panel will discuss your application and vote on whether to award funds to your project.

5.) Successful Applicant?!

If your application has been successful, you will have the opportunity to sit on our Appraisal Panel, which you will be trained for. We also require you to evaluate and monitor your product generally in the form of a video unless there are particular safeguarding reasons for which this format would be inappropriate.

Map of Worthing with bold lines to show our area of activity ranging from Goring to Selden and up to Salvington