Friends of WCC

The ardington hotel

Thank you to Simon at the Ardington Hotel for letting us host our Trustee Board meetings at such a lovely venue!

rooms worthing

We love holding our Appraisal Panels at Rooms, they have such a bright and accessible venue which is perfect for our panels. Thank you also for our charity discount!

community works

We really value our partnership with Community Works and are extremely grateful for the support they have provided us in relation to trustee training and fundraising.

Montague gallery

We are so pleased to be one of the chosen charity’s to recieve a portion of the profits from the Montague Gallery Seen in Sussex calendar.


We are so happy to work with Kualo hosting who kindly host this website for free and provide us with an array of technical support.

broadwater carnival

We are so grateful to be one of Broadwater Carnival’s chosen charities for 2023! Thank you so much for the £1350 donation to our grants pot.