Our guest blogger today is Inga Lielgalve, Worthing Community Chest Grants Administrator. Her role is to review all of the grant applications before they are assessed by the Appraisal Panel. Here is her application advice.

Writing a strong application when applying for a grant can be a stressful and frustrating experience, especially for first time applicants.

Before starting to fill in an application, it is important to understand what can and cannot be funded. Please take the time to read our Eligibility & Criteria Policy.

First of all, please ensure you are applying for funding for items, activities or projects that are eligible for that grant. We know your time is important, and it will be very disappointing if we cannot take take your application further because it doesn’t fit our criteria.

For example we have received applications to fund projects based in East Sussex or to fund a manager’s salary. However, we do not fund projects outside the borough of Worthing nor do we fund manager’s salaries.

How to avoid common mistakes when completing the application form

Have a specific project in mind when applying for a grant as well as clearly showing the ability to deliver the project.

Never assume the appraisal panel knows anything about your organization, especially when it comes to describing your capacity to carry out the project for which you seek funding.

Avoid catch-phrases and jargon. Clear, simple language wins the day.

Get other people to read it. Having the application read by someone you trust who is not a specialist in your field often helps highlight areas where the application could be better expressed.

It is important to answer all questions on the application form, otherwise it may be considered incomplete.

Once the application has been submitted, I will carefully review every enquiry and advise whether more information is required. For example; if the accounts or budget forecasts are not provided with the application, it could cause delays.

Please submit the application in plenty of time. This allows queries to be resolved prior to the deadline.

Don’t forget if you have any questions I am happy to help! email grants@thebrandsurgery.online or call 01903 221080